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“You’ll know you’re on the right path when the work just doesn’t feel like work anymore.”

I’ve heard this saying said so many times but had never felt that “Aha!” moment until recently. It wasn’t until I took a year off to recenter and to devote some time to growing personally that I realize how much flow and peace I experienced when I would create or design something. During my time ‘off’, and I say that loosely because I worked on so many projects during that time, but during that time I had the opportunity to try my hand at a lot of different creative driven projects. Previously to starting The Supreme Marketing Queen Design Agency, I worked at a SaaS company helping small to large-sized businesses to grow their brand and increase engagement and sales. Although this provided me with a sense of fulfillment, the flexibility in the actual role was almost non-existent. Almost everyday I was commuting for hours in heavy traffic and I was missing out on being present for my family. It wasn’t until I decided to take a step back to take some time off to recenter, that I ended up becoming more aligned with the next step in my journey, web and marketing design!


Prior to starting SMQ, I started an e-commerce business and one of the aspects of the business that I loved most was the designing. I absolutely enjoyed designing my website, the social posts, banners, ads, and any other design element for my brand. There was just something that clicked for me whenever I would begin the process of ideation and then creating of the designs, so I decided that I’d take my experience and marry it with my passion for design to create, The Supreme Marketing Queen Agency.

I personally understand how time consuming it can be to manage a business on top of building an online presence for your brand. My goal is to give you back all of the time and energy spent on design and marketing efforts so that you can get back to doing other important things for your business. Each design and marketing service is priced to offer value and unparalleled quality for your brand. My sole focus is to work behind the scenes to provide you with design and marketing services that increase engagement and conversion rates for your brand. I look forward to working with you!