Do you offer coding services?

We do not offer coding services. Although I may at my discretion add specialized snippets of HTML or CSS from time to time to get a more customized look and feel, generally I do not use code. The beauty of Shopify and SquareSpace is that they both offer such an expansive and customizable web design experience that eliminates the need for coding. In the event that you desire or need a coded website, you may look into web developer services, here.


Do you offer refunds?

In some cases refunds are offered, but there are some services where refunds are not granted. Please read the Payment and Refund Policy for detailed information on how and when refunds may be requested.


When do I pay for my services?

Full payment for all services is necessary before any project is started. Full payment for services is able to be processed when purchasing a service.


Do you offer any discounts?

All prices are priced very competitively, and are lower than the industry average for high-quality responsive web design and marketing services. Because my main focus is offering value, I do not have any withstanding discounts. However, from time to time, I will definitely offer promotions, so please stay connected via our newsletter and social outlets for the latest news and promotions that we have going on.

Why Shopify & SquareSpace?

Simply beautiful and clean web designs that are optimized for mobile devices.

In my years of experience with web design platforms, there are many that offer the ease and flexibility of creating beautiful web designs. However, the two that have always managed to make it to the top of my list are Shopify and SquareSpace. Not only do both offer unparalleled customer support, but they offer an additional benefit of being mobile responsive. What this means is that your website will show beautifully across devices and will load fast, which equates to not only an increase in website engagement, but also the number of website conversions.